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The End of Times I (Contract of a Soul)

A minister on death row races against the clock to save a soul and his own life! End of Times offers a dark, compelling view of the verse;

The End of Times II (Last Chance)

Will the Word of God be enough to counter act the evil plan of Satan and his
angels? The End of Times 2 will take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

My Life Testimony

A desperate mother(Carmela) seeks help from her father (Mr. Bristol) to raise his teenage grandson(Karl) who is being influenced by bad company.

Precious Life

In a world filled with confusion, a young girl, Krystal, feels her mother doesn’t love or understand her. A Christian man, Samuel, receives bad news; he is terminally ill.

Redemption Story

NY Community Church International is having an Installation Service, celebrating one of their own being installed to the highest position for a lay person, Head Deacon.

Life Jesus Higher

An exhilarating synopsis of the life of a pauper king destined to be worshipped throughout eternity. “Lift Jesus Higher” takes you on a journey through the life of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. 

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