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About The Production

In 1997, The Easter Drama Cantata of NY presented its premier performance, “Lift Jesus Higher”, a play written and directed by members of Mt. Zion Tabernacle C.M.O.P.

With no formal training in drama, dance or singing, the membership of Mt. Zion rallied behind this innovative concept to declare the gospel.  Suddenly, church members of all ages were energized to get involved in this new endeavor, and the church’s morale and enthusiasm were propelled to higher heights.

However, this energy was not only contained within Mt. Zion.  This newfound combustible energy spread out and ignited members of several other churches, and the diverse members united to collaborate on this great event – something that is not often realized across denominational lines.

As the scope of the Drama broadened over the years, it was evident that the infrastructure of the production required attention.  In 2006, Misioneros Production LLC was formed to handle the administrative component of the productions, allowing the cast and writers to focus solely on the theatrical component.  The individuals selected for the administrative work were not writers or actors, but support members of Mt. Zion who were responsible for tickets and audience affairs.

These past 20+ years have truly been an inspiring learning experience for all involved.  Great improvements have been implemented since its inception, and we continue to look forward with great expectation to what the future holds.  Along the journey, we have also been blessed with invaluable individuals who have donated their time and other freewill contributions to this ministry.

Another great addition has been the membership of Christ the Rock World Restoration Church, Inc.  Their participation has infused Misioneros Production with much needed new talent by providing a great second round of cast members.

We often tell the cast and others that Misioneros Production is not a church, we are not trying to build a church, we don’t have membership, and we are not competing for members.  As the word tells us in Proverbs 27:17, iron sharpens iron – and talent sharpens talent, and Christians sharpen other Christians.  This play is a great motivator for the participants to take all that they have learned here – dedication, perseverance, strong work ethics, etc. – and apply it in their respective places of worship, thereby empowering others through this positive experience.

Today, the Drama has members who were not even born when we began. Others have moved on to other things, and some warriors have passed on; but we continue to proclaim the gospel, for His Word is everlasting.

We are confident that this is an experience that you and your family will never forget.

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